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Decorative, smooth traversing drapery rod to handle today's heavier draperies. Assembled set comes with sleek, modern end caps that will match your rod finish.


Kirsch 1 3/8" Estate Rods exceeding 96" in length will be spliced. The splice with be covered with the Kirsch Estate Keystone.  The Keystone can be viewed on this page, in the product images. Max width availbable is 192"/16ft.


Packed with the necessary hardware for installation, including brackets, finial plugs and tension device for cord draw.


*Priced per foot. One quantity = 1ft*- Max width availbable is 192"/16ft.

1 3/8" Designer Metals Assembled Set

SKU: 83687
  • *Priced per foot. One quantity = 1ft*

    -1 3/8 Diameter

    -Multiple finish options

    -3 1/2" standard return

    -Cut to measure capabilities 

    -Max width availbable is 192"/16ft.

    -Does not come with a baton, please add separately for baton draw

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